The Logo Logic

At Magnus, we seek to quench the thirst/fulfill the quest for knowledge, surpassing all boundaries that lie within the concrete of a school building. We maintain the essence of this ideology through our logo, which derives from the concept of the four classical elements of nature: Air (Sky and Clouds), Earth (Leaf), Water, and Fire.


cloudThe cloud stands for lofty ambitions and The sky is a sign of limitless aspirations as well as infinite possibilities and It reflects a mindset for which the sky is the limit for its dreams and possibilities. Magnus, as a school, aim to instill in its students this very mindset. At Magnus Global School, every child will be encouraged to strive for the highest goals, and believe that their dreams are achievable. Magnus students shall grow up believing in their potential and striving to succeed in their goals – because they'll know they can!


cloudThe symbol of water stands for endless, flowing, and adapting knowledge. Knowledge is power, and it is also the very foundation of a strong education. With water constituting three quarters of the earth, the water symbol denotes how vast knowledge reserves in this world are, and we at Magnus will ensure that our students gain wisdom from this variety of knowledge. What we believe in is the humility and a liberal sense of the world that true knowledge brings to young minds. Hence, for a Magnus student, vast knowledge will always be available and revered.


cloudThe leaf stands for strong roots and upward growth. Just like a tree's roots go deep and form its foundation for the rest of its life, our school will also form the study core foundation for our students' futures. What holds ambition, knowledge and passion together is one's value system. It is only when one has a strong sense of self-belief and principles, that he or she can navigate through life and successfully reach their dreams. Every student of Magnus Global School will blossom with core progressive values and a strong sense of ethicality.


cloudFire stands for a relentless drive for success. It's the burning passion and motivation to pursue and experiment until one succeeds. In life, a willingness to try again and again is what sets the winner apart, and that willingness is derived from nothing but true passion for something one believes in. It also denotes physical energy and fitness that helps one stay on course. As a school, we intend to light up these very fires of motivation within our students, while keeping them fit and active with our sports activities so that they are ready for any challenge that life throws at them. At Magnus Global School, our students will grow with a drive to push beyond boundaries & a passion for consistent success!