Middle School – Class V-VIII

Middle (Class V-VIII)

The Middle School Years at Magnus Global School are enriched by teacher-designed worksheets and subject integrated projects. Emphasis is placed on learning by asking questions, problem solving and through application. The curriculum includes programmes to develop scholastic and broader skills alongside each other. There are significant opportunities for expression through communication activities (debates, public speaking and drama), performing arts, physical education, visual art and craft, environmental studies and information technology. The detailing of History, Geography and Civics as part of Social Studies, science diversifying into Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the introduction of a third language --all with the excitement of examinations bring a transition for the students. Therefore, at Magnus Global School, we take special care that our learners are regularly guided and counselled through these transitional years. Our current teaching methods enable students to practice various academic skills like reading, writing, speaking, critical-thinking, mathematics, creativity, on a daily basis. Magnus's education imparts strong character, a strong mind and a sharp intellect to the students. In the Middle School, assessment and evaluation will be done based on policies and guidelines laid down by CBSE. We encourage students to explore, enjoy, experiment and inculcate the eagerness to inquire and self-learn, develop the yearning for learning through non-formal means, including the internet. We refuse to produce machines or robots, but insist on creating human beings with a heart and soul, who learn to laugh away at their failures and get up to try again. Classes in Magnus are a treat and a memorable experience – frankly one of its kind. Participative learning and learning through project work transform the classrooms into activity theatres, and sentences like "you knew it", "we will learn" reverberate in our classrooms. Children love the atmosphere where the teacher is not teaching but learning with them. They enjoy the thrill of discovering things for themselves. Overall, the school offers a holistic development of a child's personality so that he/she becomes empowered to face future challenges and be a better citizen in tomorrow's world.