Primary (Class I-IV)

Primary School Years – Class I-IV

Magnus Global School builds on the spirit of exploration during the Primary School Years using a teaching-learning process that is collaborative and based on discovery. Emphasis is placed on acquiring language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts, the discovery and understanding of scientific principles and an awareness and appreciation of diversity of India and world's history and culture.

Project Work in Primary School Years enables learners to build on knowledge from a variety of sources and acquire good habits of learning. Evaluations and Assessments are continuous and ongoing in the form of oral and written exams conducted periodically along with show and tell activities and projects. All CBSE norms and guidelines are followed in terms of assessments and evaluations.

With a well-balanced mix of focus on scholastic and non-scholastic areas, the children in the Primary School Years as compared to the secondary years spend more time on subjects such as visual arts, performing arts and sports. At Magnus Global School, we ensure that while there is a balanced blend of Academics, Arts and Physical Education, there is also interdisciplinary integration. For e.g. while learning about volcanoes in the science class, children also make clay models or paintings in their arts classes.