Co-Curricular Activity

At Magnus Global School, we actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities for our students. The hobbies and passions we cultivate as children, enrich our lives as adults. Our co-scholastic program is in line with our philosophy - 'Academics comes first'. We combine this philosophy with the belief that a diverse exposure with activities that will lead to the effective and all-round development of our students. These activities form a vital part of our entire learning process. Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre, Pottery, STEM Lab, 3-D Printing Lab, Debate, and Creative Writing are some of the important activities that are a vital part of our broad based co-scholastic curriculum. This curriculum refines the creative, scientific, literary and organization skills of the students. This results in better performance in inter-disciplinary activities, cognitive development, well-rounded personal development and an attitude of sustainability. Our Co-scholastic activities provide students with a different setting to develop and 'seek out excellence'. These outside-the-classroom activities cultivate in students positive qualities of leadership, teamwork and responsibility and at the same time give them enjoyment and a sense of purpose.