Class Rooms

Each and every classroom at Magnus has fully functional Projector and 24×7 internet connections. The teachers use a combination of Traditional and Modern pedagogies for teaching a given concept. She can anytime go to the YouTube and show videos pertaining to an abstract concept which otherwise is difficult for children to understand. Apart from the internet facility, computer in each classroom also has a software learning module. Technology cannot substitute a teacher but it definitely helps in improving the teaching- learning process.

Pre-Primary class rooms

Our pre-primary class walls have Unique picture talk displays on these teach children about everyday objects, animals, colours. They also help in building vocabulary, speech, inculcates the foundation for reading, matching activities and a lot more.
Our classes are spacious and boast of minimal furniture. With more space for children to roam about freely, no sharp edges that pose any risk, and easily-accessible cabinets, our classrooms are colourful and a delight for our students.This ease access and non-cluttered environment allows children learn to be independent and self-sufficient.

Primary & Middle School Class rooms

Primary and Middle school classrooms are equipped with age appropriate and ergonomic furniture which provide the students ample space to keep their belongings as well as comfortable seating throughout the day. Every classroom has a student capacity of 40 to ensure an optimum teaching- learning experience. Individual lockers are provided, keeping in mind their physical comfort, security and the need for safe-keeping of their belongings. Air Conditioners and Smart Boards are integral features of all classrooms, providing maximum comfort and integration of knowledge respectively, to accelerate the teaching-learning process.

Open Classrooms

Classrooms that are physically open are increasingly rare and effective. At Magnus, the beautiful landscape amidst nature is a class liked by all. The natural surroundings of the open classroom helps to foster imagination and creativity of young minds.