Message From CEO

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school"
….. Albert Einstein

School Education is the foundation on which the entire life script of person is written. The realization that our world is fast transforming into global village with myriad opportunities, is compelling farsighted parents to become more and more inclined towards modern concepts in ways of imparting education. In the 21st century, education essentially means developing minds which can create, innovate and apply knowledge and skills. To my mind a good school education system should be flexible enough to give every child the right opportunity to develop his or her potential to the fullest so that he or she grows into a responsible citizen to contribute meaningfully to the society. Moreover, emphasis should be on building character, resilience and leadership qualities.

Magnus Global School is a dream come true for my entire team. Our inspiration is to be the key that deciphers the needs and aspirations of the learners of 21st century. At Magnus, we are committed to be a friend, philosopher and guide in your child's 'learning journey' by providing Education that leads to Excellence which in turn paves the path for Empowerment.

We give learning opportunities that enable your child to grow and develop in a holistic manner, create an environment for inquisitive, intellectual, innovative minds and instill the joy of learning through cooperation and collaboration. We aim to equip children with life skills, emotional intelligence and a sound value system that will hold them in good stead in the future.

Our highly competent and experienced faculty inspires knowledge, learning and personal growth in our students.

Our teaching-learning process is strengthened by our curriculum and learning programs, specially developed to bring out the best in every student and to empower each one to excel academically, emotionally and socially. Learning at Magnus Global School is all about unwinding, simplification and making learning transactions creative, calmer and cooler. We believe that there is no stress to learning. It's a process, if taken up in the right spirit and navigated precisely can do wonders with the active minds of the children, teachers and parents. We believe that education is not rote memorization or taking notes but environment around a child and each experience provide a learning situation.

I welcome you all to come, visit our school and see for yourself.

Mr. Rajesh Surana
CEO, Magnus Global School